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 More info: http://specdiag.com/cummins-inpower.html

Cummins Genset Diagnostic Kit include:
 • DB9F to DB9F (null) cable connects to:
   - PowerCommand© control in genset;
   - Automatic transfer switch applications.

 • Cummins InPower Pro 8.5 (with INCAL).

This diagnostic tool provides electronic service functions including:
 • Adjustments for trims and settings;
 • Monitoring;
 • Strip chart;
 • Viewing faults;
 • Report capability.
This tool also can be used to save device's trims and settings to a file. The stored settings can be viewed offline and they can be used to configure multiple installations of the same application controller type.

More info: http://specdiag.com/cummins-inpower.html